Why is my mac acting up?

Episode 1720 (1:03:04)

Carlin from Redondo Beach, CA
Apple Mail

Carlin's email vanished from her Apple Mail email client. She uses MSN. But nobody has been able to help her get it back. The Geek Squad came out, installed Malware Bytes and scanned her computer, which Leo says is ridiculous since it has nothing to do with your email. Leo then says the first thing Carlin should try is to go to Safari and open up the msn.com website to check your email. Log in and see if it's there. 

Carlin says that MSN won't take her password. Leo says it has zero to do with the computer at all. This is an MSN problem. Probably a messed up log in. Best Buy fixed the problem, but now other problems are popping up. This is because Best Buy probably messed up Carlin's computer thanks to using Malware Bytes for a problem that it wasn't designed to fix.

Now is a good time to update your macOS. Go to the Apple and select About This Mac. Select Software update (gear icon). Then, if an update is available, download and install it.