What's a good scanner for scanning slides and stills?

Episode 1720 (2:00:26)

Tony from Hudson, FL
Epson 2750

Tony has a lot of slides and images to scan. He bought a Brother scanner to do it, but the quality isn't that good. Leo says that Scanners are much better now, with up to 1200 DPI available. Leo recommends the Epson Fast Foto, it has a sheet feed to scan prints. About $600. But you likely have everything you need with a decent digital camera. Set up an easelĀ and put your image on it. Have some ambient light. And then just take the picture one at a time. Slides, on the other hand, is another issue. It needs backlit lighting to illuminate the slide image. Epson again has the ability to do this with their Perfection line. But it's pretty slow.

At the end of the day, it may be easier and better to just use a service like Scan Cafe, Legacy Box, even Costco can do it for about 30 cents a scan. They'll also clean your negatives and slides. They'll send you a box, you fill it, and mail it to them. Then they'll return them with a CD or DVD copy of the digital images.