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Episode 1720 August 16, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Syd from Encino, CA Comments

Syd has a 5 year old iMac, and her husband recently knocked it off the desk, cracking the screen. She's been using it still, but the crack continues to grow. Apple says it'll cost almost as much as a new iMac to fix it. Can she use another monitor? Leo says yes. You can consider your iMac monitor dead and use Thunderbolt 2 or HDMI to connect a second monitor to it.  But you'll also have to go into the display settings and select "mirrored" to put the video signal onto the new monitor.

Another option is to replace the screen yourself. IFixIt has videos and tools on how to fix it, and it will only cost you in parts. Or you can call a local, Apple Authorized computer dealer to do it, and save a lot more than what Apple will charge. 

Watch Rob from Sylmar, CA Comments

Rob is having an issue with his new Samsung Soundbar and TV. They aren't really compatible. The TV remote can turn on the soundbar, but not turn it off. And the documentation is pretty bad. Leo says that Samsung doesn't expect you to turn off the soundbar at all since it will eventually time itself off. You could try resetting the soundbar back to factory settings and then set it up again. Then leave it on and don't worry about it. 

Also look in your TV settings for "CEC" or Anynet or Auto Powerlink. This will turn your devices on and off when you activate a single remote. But only by HDMI. If you're using optical cables, they don't support it. But who cares? Just leave it on. It draws very little power, less than 1 watt while inactive. 

Watch Tom from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Tom got a notice from Microsoft to update Windows 10, but now it won't recognize his keyboard, so he can't log in. Leo says that Tom can eliminate the keyboard as the problem by trying it with another computer. But likely, the update deleted or corrupted the USB drivers. Log into safe mode and see if it works. If you can at least get into the BIOS setup, then you know it isn't the keyboard. 

That would mean you can fix it by reinstalling Windows. Download the Windows Media Creation Tool and install it onto a USB Thumbdrive. Then start it up and try to repair Windows. If that doesn't work, reboot and install it from scratch. 

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Watch Carlin from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Carlin's email vanished from her Apple Mail email client. She uses MSN. But nobody has been able to help her get it back. The Geek Squad came out, installed Malware Bytes and scanned her computer, which Leo says is ridiculous since it has nothing to do with your email. Leo then says the first thing Carlin should try is to go to Safari and open up the website to check your email. Log in and see if it's there. 

Carlin says that MSN won't take her password. Leo says it has zero to do with the computer at all. This is an MSN problem. Probably a messed up log in. Best Buy fixed the problem, but now other problems are popping up. This is because Best Buy probably messed up Carlin's computer thanks to using Malware Bytes for a problem that it wasn't designed to fix.

Now is a good time to update your macOS. Go to the Apple and select About This Mac. Select Software update (gear icon). Then, if an update is available, download and install it. 

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Watch Paul from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Paul has two Dell Laptops, one with an AMD and one with an Intel i5. Both run at the same speed of 2 GHz with 8GB of RAM and running Windows 10. But the download speeds are vastly different. Leo says that different WiFi chipsets could account for a 20% difference, but not the disparity that Paul is seeing. So something is wrong in the networking stack. 

Leo suggests trying to do the speed test with a wired ethernet connection and see if the wired speed is the same. If it is, then there's probably a driver issue with the slower machine. Also try using a cheap USB WiFi adapter and see if you can improve the speeds. If so, then you're likely looking at a bad WiFi driver for the slower machine. Update the Intel driver with the Microsoft driver, disabling the Intel one. From the chatroom -

Dell also has something called SmartByte, which the chatroom says can slow down your internet speeds. Look in add/remove programs and if it's there, get rid of it. You can disable it with Windows Key + type Services.

Watch Steven from San Antonio, TX Comments

Steven has an iPhone 11 with a waterproof case. He got a magnet and a piece of metal to mount it to his car dash. But it doesn't' stick. Will a rare earth magnet help? Leo says they are much stronger than a regular magnet. It won't hurt your phone, but it could throw off your phone's internal compass. 

Watch Tony from Hudson, FL Comments

Tony has a lot of slides and images to scan. He bought a Brother scanner to do it, but the quality isn't that good. Leo says that Scanners are much better now, with up to 1200 DPI available. Leo recommends the Epson Fast Foto, it has a sheet feed to scan prints. About $600. But you likely have everything you need with a decent digital camera. Set up an easel and put your image on it. Have some ambient light. And then just take the picture one at a time. Slides, on the other hand, is another issue. It needs backlit lighting to illuminate the slide image. Epson again has the ability to do this with their Perfection line. But it's pretty slow.

At the end of the day, it may be easier and better to just use a service like Scan Cafe, Legacy Box, even Costco can do it for about 30 cents a scan. They'll also clean your negatives and slides. They'll send you a box, you fill it, and mail it to them. Then they'll return them with a CD or DVD copy of the digital images.

Watch Phil from Moorpark, CA Comments

Phil did an update from his Samsung mobile phone recently and now he has to reboot his phone to make his GPS work in the maps app. Should he avoid the next update? Leo says that the August update is coming and it's important to keep your phone up to date, But in reality, it probably isn't the updates. Leo recommends uninstalling Google Maps and then reinstall it. Before that, try clearing the cache in the app settings. That'll get rid of any corrupted GPS data that could be causing the issue. Leo suspects that's the issue. If that doesn't work, reinstall Google Maps.

Watch LaVerne from Bronx, NY Comments

LaVerne updated her 2012 Mac to Catalina and now it's going slow and she's getting kernel panic reports. Leo says it's likely a driver that is failing. It could also be a flakey hard drive. But when she logs into the guest account, it runs just fine. Leo says that indicates a bad profile. You can wipe the drive and start over, or create a new profile and then remove the other one.