Why Can I Not Update Windows 10?

Episode 1719 (2:08:00)

Jim from Calabassas, CA
windows 1909

Jim's Windows 10 computer has been getting a message from Windows that it can't update to Windows 1909 due to not enough hard drive space. He has 2GB free. Leo says that's not enough. The latest update of Windows is 32GB. So if Jim doesn't have more than that, chances are he won't be able to install it. He tried to designate a flash drive as his update drive and that won't work either, even though Microsoft suggests it. 

Leo says that Jim's HP stream doesn't have enough hard drive space, and he thinks it's a false economy to buy a cheap laptop that can't even be updated due to how small the built-in SSD drive is.  Microsoft offers the Media Creation Tool and what Leo recommends is to use that for the latest Windows 10 update and then use that to install into a thumb drive. That will turn it into a Windows 10 installation drive and then he can launch it and install it over the existing copy.