Microsoft Surprises with New Tablet-like Announcement

Episode 1719 (03:44)


Microsoft surprised everyone this week with the announcement of a two-screen mobile device, that Leo describes the Surface DUO as a kind of folding notebook you'd get at a bookstore. Like a pocket-sized portfolio or Moleskine. It has two 6" screens that when unfolded creates an 8" diagonal tablet running Android. The screens can work in concert or independently for multi-tasking.  Leo stresses that Microsoft insists the DUO is NOT a phone, but an internet-enabled device that can also make phone calls. But they insist it isn't phone because while it requires a SIM, it misses a few things that round it out to be a phone. No headphone jack. No location features. No NFC or tap to pay options. 

Leo says what's interesting about it is that it doesn't run Windows, in favor or Android. This makes it the first hardware product Microsoft has ever put out that doesn't run some form of their cornerstone operating system. This move is a clear indication that Microsoft has moved away from software to services, which he says is now the cornerstone of their business.

And the price? $1400.00 for 128GB of storage. $1500 for 256GB. Leo says it looks pretty cool and be preordered one. But the rest of the tech industry isn't really all that impressed.