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Watch Rob from Fullerton, CA Comments

Rob wants to know what's a good beginner 3D printer. Leo says that 3D printers are a hobbyist's delight, but they have to be kind of geeky. 3D printers are in the early days of technology, and they require a lot of attention and calibration. And Rob will have as many failures as successes. They are also expensive for a really good one. They are also not very fast, usually taking a few hours to a few days to get a print don

But Monoprice has one for around $200.  That's a good place to start. 

To get started though, it may be a good idea to get involved with a local Makers Space and use their 3D printers. That way she can try the hobby out without spending a lot of money. Usually just a cost of materials and a small lab fee. A local community college will also have a makers space.

Here's a list of some cool cookie cutter 3d prints -

Watch Elizabeth from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Elizabeth has an HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 printer. But her menus say 8710 on the screen. Leo says the printer probably uses the same drivers because it's part fo the 8710 line. She is also being told she needs new ink cartridges and she replaced them, but now it won't print anything. Leo says to look in the setup menu to see what the error message is. It may also be security software from a third party or counterfeit cartridges. HP won't allow them. That could be the issue.

She may also need to update the drivers. 

She also accidentally made her screen go sideways and she can't get it back. Leo says to type Windows Key + Displays and select horizontal. Or type Control+Alt+Up Arrow. 

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Watch Jeffrey from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Jeff has been spending hours downloading the 2004 version of Windows 10 and it's still not done. Is it important? Leo says that 2004 (April 2020) version (or 20H2) is a "feature" update, not a critical update. In fact, most of the features are things you won't use or even notice.  So users don't really need it. But Microsoft won't let users defer it for any longer than a month. To defer it, go into update "advanced" options and select a date. One thing they can do is set Windows for "metered," in download settings and it'll defer it longer. Eventually, users are going to have to because WIndows may not update critical security patches if it isn't up to date.

Watch Charles from Marshall, TX Comments

Charles has a pair of Synology NAS storage devices and one was hit by ransomware. Leo suggests completely format it and rebuild and reinstall everything from the other backup. But Charles wants to know how it happened. Leo says that once he logs into the NAS, it's on the network, and can be bitten. Leo says that if his Synology is visible to the public internet, then he'll need to really limit it to things he really needs.  The more services he turns on, the more exposed he is. Leo turns on SSH to keep it protected. Also, turn on IP blocking after a certain number of login attempts. And make the password longer and stronger. Also, keep the NAS up to date. Run Security Advisor to guard against weak passwords. 

Watch Thomas from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Thomas recently performed a walk across America and wrote a book while he did it. Now he wants to know what's the best video projector for his next project. Leo says that there's a lot of choices out there with a price range of $200-20,000. Leo says a laser projector is the best option. They'll be a little more expensive, but he won't be changing bulbs. Epson makes an excellent one for under $1,000. The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is around $650. The EF100 has streaming built-in. $999.

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Watch Charles from Virginia Comments

Charles is noticing several of his recent photo files aren't as large as they should be on his Mac Mini. Leo says that if Charles is using Apple Photos for an App to store his photos, to r/c on the photos library, and then select Show Package Contents, he'll see photo folders, including the "originals" photo folder. That'll verify his originals are there. But in the settings, there's a feature called "iCloud Photo Storage," and Optimize drive, which will take the higher resolution images off the computer and store them in the cloud, and then replace those photos on the device with smaller JPG files. So if he needs the larger photo file, he can go to iCloud and download it.  

Watch Jim from Calabassas, CA Comments

Jim's Windows 10 computer has been getting a message from Windows that it can't update to Windows 1909 due to not enough hard drive space. He has 2GB free. Leo says that's not enough. The latest update of Windows is 32GB. So if Jim doesn't have more than that, chances are he won't be able to install it. He tried to designate a flash drive as his update drive and that won't work either, even though Microsoft suggests it. 

Leo says that Jim's HP stream doesn't have enough hard drive space, and he thinks it's a false economy to buy a cheap laptop that can't even be updated due to how small the built-in SSD drive is.  Microsoft offers the Media Creation Tool and what Leo recommends is to use that for the latest Windows 10 update and then use that to install into a thumb drive. That will turn it into a Windows 10 installation drive and then he can launch it and install it over the existing copy.