Should I keep FIOS for my internet?

Episode 1718 (1:41:16)

Dan from New Jersey
Verizon FIOS

Dan's phone contract and his FIOS contract have both expired. So he's thinking what's next. Leo says that if you get good fiber speed, there's nothing faster. It really comes down to how much they charge for the speed you want. And then how much they say it is, vs. how much you are actually getting. $49 for 200MB down is not bad. Gigabit would be even better because it's symmetric (same up/down) for about $60 a month.

Leo also says that you can cut the cable with that FIOS fiber, and stream. Do everything over the top. You'll want to pay more for your bandwidth, but it would be worth it in the long run. Especially if you're within line of sight of the broadcast transmitters and can use an antenna to get your local channels. Leo also suggests getting a mesh router system to use with it. Eero, Orbi, Plume, Velop. Don't use the FIOS router with it though. This would work great with Dan's three-story home.

Dan also has his phone contract due. Should he stay with AT&T or get a new carrier? Leo says choosing cellphone companies is more complicated because it adds the phone into the mix, who has better coverage (hard to compare), and they make it very difficult to compare. Verizon is the most expensive, but where Dan lives it would be excellent coverage. 

T-Mobile has merged with Sprint, which could make them comparable with both AT&T and Verizon. But they are raising their rates. Leo does prefer them however.  You could go with an MVNO like Mint Mobile, but while they are less expensive, the carrier (Verizon) prioritizes customers who pay more.