How can I calibrate the sound levels of my Mac Mini?

Episode 1718 (1:04:53)

Brian from Nashville, TN
Audio Hijack Pro

Brian knows that you can calibrate the color of your computer monitor. Leo says that spectrophotometers (also known as a Spyder) do that, but you only need to calibrate it occasionally. Is there a way to do the same thing for sound on his Mac Mini? 

Leo says that there's a company called Audacy that does that for home theater. Apple's home pod does it as well. But there isn't anything that does it for your PC sound that he knows of.  The term for it is "normalize" audio and most audio editors have that feature so that you can adjust the level of the audio for each individual recording. Compression will also turn up the faintest parts and turn down the loudest parts. What you want is a VST plugin. Audacity has one. Also, look at Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba. They also have a program called SoundSource that does that specific thing.

The chatroom says that LightSpeed Labs uses hardware to do the same thing.