Why Won't My Smart TV Connect to Stream?

Episode 1717 (38:50)

John from Fallbrook, CA

John has a 55" Samsung TV that's about eight years old. He also moved away from surround sound to a soundbar. But even though his TV is a smart TV, it won't accept the internet signal to stream. He talked to Samsung and after resetting several times, they decided his chip was defective. Leo says that doesn't mean he'll have to get a new TV. Those smart tv apps are terrible because they are never updated. He recommends getting a ROKU device and plugging that into the HDMI port. Let the Roku handle the stream. But don't get the stick, they tend to overheat. Get the Roku HD.Around $89 with no extra fees. He can not only do WiFi, but also an Ethernet connection. It'll give John a much better experience. What about the soundbar? Leo says to go optical with that. And make sure to use the right cable. Or, if he is in the Apple TV ecosystem, then get the AppleTV.

John also only has WiFi through his cellphone, since he lives in a rural area. Leo says that in general, that won't be good enough unless he'll have a very fast LTE connection on the phone. But that'll burn through data pretty fast.