The Giz Wiz gets Clamped

Episode 1717 (2:17:40)


This week's cool gadget from the Giz Wiz is the BOHON Clamp Lamp Reading Light.  It has 3 Lighting Modes & 10 Brightness Levels. You can select from 3 color temperatures: warm white light (3000K), natural light (4500K), and cool white light (6500K). Each lighting mode has 10 brightness dimming levels, for a total of 30 illumination modes. Clip-on bedside, headboard, shelf, desk, etc. The 1st difference with this lamp is the clip is much bigger and can open to about 2” wide. (You can do the same with the other model, but the gooseneck is shorter, roughly 14” vs 18”. Both include an AC adapter and both can be plugged into a USB port on a computer, or according the description, into an external battery charger! The bigger one is brighter with a 3 1/4” vs 1 1/2” diameter globe. Both are LED, so no need to replace the bulb.

And the price is low. Under $20 as of 8/8/20.

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