Should I use CCleaner to keep my computer healthy?

Episode 1716 (1:54:15)

Bart from West LA, CA

Bart uses Piriform CCleaner. Leo says that there's a new warning out to avoid CCleaner. Leo says that Microsoft Defender is flagging CCleaner has unwanted software because it includes other apps as part of the download. None of which Leo recommends. It's always best to avoid software that comes with a separate installer that ads other apps you don't want. CCleaner has addressed that issue to make sure it's no longer flagged.

And Leo says you don't really need CCleaner anyway. It's too risky because it modifies the registry and you could make your PC unusable. CCleaner can do it without running into that risk, but it's really conservative and doesn't do anything that helps for the cost.

Just keep Windows 10 updated and you'll be fine.

Bart has also noticed that cheap desktops are harder to find these days. Leo says that resellers are dying out in favor of online sales. So more often than not, you have to go directly to the manufacturer. Leo advises Asus and Acer, and even Dell. What about refurbs? Leo says never buy refurbished from a third party; only directly from a manufacturer.

But if you want a cheap computer, get a Chromebook.