Sam Abuelsamid ... towed

Episode 1716 (22:09)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about what truck you should buy if you want to not only tow something but do it in a high tech fashion. Sam says the latest technology in towing, offers trailer sway control and trailer backup assist. 

Trailer sway control prevents the trailer from moving side to side in windy conditions. The TSC recovers all by itself through a series of braking maneuvers on each wheel and adjusting the torque of the engine until the trailer is going straight again. All automatically. 

Trailer backup assist will use the rear camera to monitor backing up of the trailer and will use parking assist to help back up the trailer and maneuver it. The driver can turn a knob in the direction they want the trailer to go and the computer does the rest. 

Leo says that both are very practical advances in using existing technologies to make driving better.