White House to Announce Banning of Tik Tok Social Network

Episode 1715 (02:44)


Citing security concerns with Tik Tok, the fastest growing social network in the world, the White House is poised to announce it will ban the app in the US.  The app, which includes a lip-syncing feature that is very popular with teens and preteens, caused Tik Tok to catapult to the number one social network in the US. The feds are concerned that the Chinese owned Tik Tok is a security concern for spying on US users, and many banks, companies, and government agencies have banned its use on employee phones. Leo also thinks that users of Tik Tok used the app to coordinate signing up for tickets to a Trump Rally in Tulsa, and then didn't show up.

The parent company, ByteDance, which owns Tik Tok, has been working on a deal to sell the US operations of the app to Microsoft in order to get around the ban. But Leo also says that comes with its own minefield of issues from politics to political correctness. 

Meanwhile, the leading tech giants for Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google were summoned to Congress to testify on their efforts to weed out so-called Fake News. Many in Congress believe that those companies are engaging in a one-sided campaign of censorship before the election.