What Phone Should I Get?

Episode 1715 (14:40)

Elizabeth from Rancho Mirage, CA
iPhone SE

Elizabeth calls in to talk about what new mobile phone to buy.  She's looking at the iPhone SE and Leo says it's an excellent choice for her. But she also heard Leo talk about Samsung's latest phone. Leo says that there are dozens of new phones out there now that could work, but Leo says that the iPhone SE is ideal for Elizabeth. It has the same processors and other features of the more expensive iPhone 11, but it's half the price. And she can get a great deal from Mint Mobile (Twit sponsor) to get it for around $15 a month. 

The iPhone SE is a perfect choice. Get the 64GB model.

Liz is also inheriting an older laptop with Windows 7. Worth it? Leo says it's not only an old OS now, but it's also not supported anymore by Microsoft, so she'd have to buy Windows 10 and upgrade. But that's too much for Liz. Leo recommends getting a Chromebook.