How Can I Organize All My Pics & Then Back Them Up?

Episode 1715 (1:58:30)

Chrissy from Canyon Country, CA
Google Photos

Chrissy has years of photos and thousands of digital photos on her phone. She has all her photos on different hard drives. How can she easily merge them into one huge central spot and then create a backup? Leo says he just did a similar project with all his photos and here's what he did:

  • Every camera phone gets all their photos automatically uploaded to Google Photos. That way they are backed up in the cloud and are organized by GPS and even facial recognition. 
  • Leo also had all his photos on his desktop backed up through the Google Photos desktop app. But he ended up with images he didn't want along with duplicates.
  • Then he used Google Takeout to download the images and using various apps to eliminate duplicates, was able to organize and sort them. He then organized by Original Photos, Years, Months, Days. It took a while, but he got it done. He then made file names reflect the date of capture and other details in the image EXIF data.  Apps include JHEAD. EXIF Tool. Gemini 2 on the Mac is a great dedupe program to remove duplicates. It looks at the contents of the file to tell one photo from another. ViziPics and Duplicate Photo Cleaner, Duplicate Photo Pro on Windows.

When he was all done, he had his images all organized and ready for backup. Then he backed them up on a separate hard drive and then onto the cloud. He also used a sync utility to prevent duplicates from reappearing.