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Episode 1715 August 1, 2020

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Elizabeth from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Elizabeth calls in to talk about what new mobile phone to buy.  She's looking at the iPhone SE and Leo says it's an excellent choice for her. But she also heard Leo talk about Samsung's latest phone. Leo says that there are dozens of new phones out there now that could work, but Leo says that the iPhone SE is ideal for Elizabeth. It has the same processors and other features of the more expensive iPhone 11, but it's half the price. And she can get a great deal from Mint Mobile (Twit sponsor) to get it for around $15 a month. 

The iPhone SE is a perfect choice. Get the 64GB model.

Liz is also inheriting an older laptop with Windows 7. Worth it? Leo says it's not only an old OS now, but it's also not supported anymore by Microsoft, so she'd have to buy Windows 10 and upgrade. But that's too much for Liz. Leo recommends getting a Chromebook.

Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny has an Eero mesh router and is attaching his HD HomeRun DVR to his network through powerline networking. Will he have issues with configuring it? Leo says that the HDHomeRun software should do it automatically. But if he's doing it manually, he can go into Eero settings under devices and see the IP addresses of each device. But the HDHomeRun has automatic discovery. It should connect to the network on its own with no manual entering. 

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Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose has a Windows Surface Pro PC that hasn't been updated to the latest Windows 10 yet. What gives? Leo says that those are "feature updates" and Microsoft is updating the Surface Pro hardware last. Don't try and force it. It'll come sooner or later. And really, there's nothing in it Jose really needs right now. Security updates through "Patch Tuesday," and other critical updates will come separately and those are more important. 

Watch Tom from San Diego, CA Comments

Tom wants to know what's the fastest way to scan photos. Leo says that the Epson Fast Photo will scan 1 photo per second, but at $600, it's expensive. Leo recommends using a digital camera and an easel and just take a picture of those photos. He can get through them pretty quickly that way. The other option is to go with ScanCafe. They will send a box to fill and send back. Then they will scan them for around 10 a photo. And they will clean them too. They'll also do home movies. He can even do it through Costco.

Watch Esther from Central Valley, CA Comments

Esther calls in to ask what Leo thinks of the new Yahoo Mobile Phone service. Leo says Yahoo is owned by Verizon, and as such, it's essentially Verizon repackaged as an MVNO. If Verizon is good in Esther's area, it's a good way to get a mobile phone service for a cheaper price. But one has to look at the details. Chances are, the data may be throttled during peak times, as full pay Verizon customers get priority. But for $40 a month for unlimited text, talk, and data, that's a good deal. 

Leo suggests asking people you know in your area what service they use. You can also see coverage maps at

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Ted from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ted wants to know if there are organizations that donate computers to veterans. Leo says that TechforTroops is for vets and family in need. They are in Virginia. is another.

Dell has a military discount up to 30% off. Also the VA may have other suggestions. Last month, Congress introduced the Computers for Veterans Service act, which would retask surplus government computers to veterans in need. 

Watch Eric from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Eric uses Windows 7 because he likes it. He doesn't want to go to Windows 10 because he doesn't like it. But if he has to upgrade, is there a way to change the layout? Leo says that Windows 10 is pretty close to Windows 7, and it's vital to upgrade for security updates alone. And he can change Windows 10 to look like Windows 7. Check out StarDock.

1. Stop using it as an administrator. Use it as a limited user instead. Add an account as an administrator and then demote the existing account to a limited user. This will stop over 90% of all the exploits out there.

2. Stop using Internet Explorer. Go with Google Chrome. It's free and far more secure.

3. Don't click on links in email.

4. Only get your software from original vendors.

5. Keep your anti-virus software up to date.

6. Stop using Java

7. Use a password vault like LastPass

8. Turn on second-factor authentication



Watch Chrissy from Canyon Country, CA Comments

Chrissy has years of photos and thousands of digital photos on her phone. She has all her photos on different hard drives. How can she easily merge them into one huge central spot and then create a backup? Leo says he just did a similar project with all his photos and here's what he did:

  • Every camera phone gets all their photos automatically uploaded to Google Photos. That way they are backed up in the cloud and are organized by GPS and even facial recognition. 
  • Leo also had all his photos on his desktop backed up through the Google Photos desktop app. But he ended up with images he didn't want along with duplicates.
  • Then he used Google Takeout to download the images and using various apps to eliminate duplicates, was able to organize and sort them. He then organized by Original Photos, Years, Months, Days. It took a while, but he got it done. He then made file names reflect the date of capture and other details in the image EXIF data.  Apps include JHEAD. EXIF Tool. Gemini 2 on the Mac is a great dedupe program to remove duplicates. It looks at the contents of the file to tell one photo from another. ViziPics and Duplicate Photo Cleaner, Duplicate Photo Pro on Windows.

When he was all done, he had his images all organized and ready for backup. Then he backed them up on a separate hard drive and then onto the cloud. He also used a sync utility to prevent duplicates from reappearing.