Where can I get a webcam?

Episode 1714 (1:32:02)

Jake from Los Angeles, California
Aukey Webcam

Jake wants to start his own online business. He wants to get into drop shipping, but also use his webcam to make a living. Leo says it's a great opportunity now due to the quarantine, and people are going to discover new ways to get the things they need. If you have the luxury of time right now, there's no time like the present and technology is at the eye of the storm. 

Unfortunately, there are more people doing the same thing and it's very hard to buy a webcam right now. They're all sold out, and the prices are high right now due to demand. The Logitech C920 is the one Leo likes. It's about $80, but it's out of stock. The chatroom says that the Logitech C120 is available for $120. Scooter X says that AUKEY has a 1080p webcam option as well. 

For drop shipping, most people are selling things on Amazon, with Amazon fulfilling the order.