What AV Recevier should I buy?

Episode 1714 (1:20:46)

Hans from Los Angeles, CA
AVExcel by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron

Hans would like a good home theater receiver and turntable that can also work as his home theater. Leo is a fan of Denon. Onkyo and Marantz are also very good. They are very affordable and give you a lot of bang for your buck. Be mindful of how many inputs the AVR has, because it can double as an AV receiver. So count up your HDMI devices you have hooked up and it'll point you to which model to get. Leo, for instance, has seven devices he connects to his. Also make sure it can support 4K and HDR to future proof your system, as well as Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. 

As for Speakers, Leo likes Andrew Jones Elac speakers. But speakers are very subjective, so get what sounds good to you. 

Patrick Norton and Robert Herran have a great podcast called AVExcel that will also be a great place to check out.