Is there an app that can define achronyms and abbreviations?

Episode 1714 (1:01:42)

Dan from San Diego, CA
iOS Look Up

Dan would like an app that will translate acronyms and abbreviations into real words. Leo says there isn't one he knows of, but it's a great idea. The Kindle has something similar though. By pressing and holding, it will open up a dictionary to define it. The Mac also has that feature CMD-Shift-D. But phones are harder because they isolate, or sandbox, each app for security reasons -especially iOS devices. You could look for a browser extension that could do it.

From the chatroom - click and hold down a word in iOS and tap "look up." It will popup the definition. You can also double click it. Android does something similar in Chrome - Long press a word in Chrome on Android and it will pop up a Google definition and search.