My Mac Mini is Kernel Panciking. What can I do?

Episode 1714 (1:46:48)

Dave from Burbank, CA
Mac Mini

Dave is trying to update his MacMini with security updates for Mojave, but so far, they've been a disaster. Thunderbolt ports aren't reading his multiple monitors, causing him to reset his PRam. Now there's a new Mojave update and he's having mouse issues. Leo says that kernel panics are a sign of hardware issues. It could be a flakey power supply, a type-C port problem or badly soldered chip. It could be a driver issue, but it's usually indicative of hardware and that points to needing to call Apple.

One thing to try before you do is wiping the drive and reinstalling, just in case there's a corrupted file.  That could fix everything. There may be some damaged files that need to be replaced. You can also try shutting down the computer and pressing the "D" key as it does. That'll put the computer in a diagnostic mode, which could point to the problem.

Dave also just spent $8K on a MacPro and is worried that the new Apple Silicon Macs will mean that his computer is already obsolete. Leo says not so. Everything that works now will continue to work and Apple will support them for "years to come." But a new Mac Pro won't be out for at least two years. It'll be even longer before that new MacPro is obsolete.

Even more so, being a new design, Leo would recommend waiting anyway, and let others shake out the bugs. Then your next MacPro can be the Silicon upgrade.