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Watch Walter from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Walter has an old Dell i7 laptop that he loaned to a friend. But lately, the Firefox browser won't load a page until you move a mouse and the page pops up. What is that all about? Leo says it sounds like a bug in Firefox that is waiting for an input. It's called a "signal event loop." It may be a failed install of Windows 10 is likely the culprit. So back up the data, wipe the drive, and reinstall Windows 10. That should solve the issue.

Walter is also having issues authenticating Windows 10. Leo says to go back to Windows 7. Authenticate that, and then upgrade to Windows 10. It will authenticate and you can move forward.

Watch Michael from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Michael has a ten-year-old HP laptop that he finally upgraded to Windows 10. But in doing so, his trackpad isn't operating properly. The scroll feature isn't working. Leo says that Synaptics trackpads need a driver to work with Windows 10, and most likely, HP will be the source to get that. If it doesn't, then you're out of luck with a ten-year-old computer.

But that computer is a great candidate for Linux, which has flavors that can work with older hardware. And since it's open-source, it's kept up to date by enthusiasts. 

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Watch Dan from San Diego, CA Comments

Dan would like an app that will translate acronyms and abbreviations into real words. Leo says there isn't one he knows of, but it's a great idea. The Kindle has something similar though. By pressing and holding, it will open up a dictionary to define it. The Mac also has that feature CMD-Shift-D. But phones are harder because they isolate, or sandbox, each app for security reasons -especially iOS devices. You could look for a browser extension that could do it.

From the chatroom - click and hold down a word in iOS and tap "look up." It will popup the definition. You can also double click it. Android does something similar in Chrome - Long press a word in Chrome on Android and it will pop up a Google definition and search. 

Watch Hans from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Hans would like a good home theater receiver and turntable that can also work as his home theater. Leo is a fan of Denon. Onkyo and Marantz are also very good. They are very affordable and give you a lot of bang for your buck. Be mindful of how many inputs the AVR has, because it can double as an AV receiver. So count up your HDMI devices you have hooked up and it'll point you to which model to get. Leo, for instance, has seven devices he connects to his. Also make sure it can support 4K and HDR to future proof your system, as well as Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. 

As for Speakers, Leo likes Andrew Jones Elac speakers. But speakers are very subjective, so get what sounds good to you. 

Patrick Norton and Robert Herran have a great podcast called AVExcel that will also be a great place to check out.

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Watch Jake from Los Angeles, California Comments

Jake wants to start his own online business. He wants to get into drop shipping, but also use his webcam to make a living. Leo says it's a great opportunity now due to the quarantine, and people are going to discover new ways to get the things they need. If you have the luxury of time right now, there's no time like the present and technology is at the eye of the storm. 

Unfortunately, there are more people doing the same thing and it's very hard to buy a webcam right now. They're all sold out, and the prices are high right now due to demand. The Logitech C920 is the one Leo likes. It's about $80, but it's out of stock. The chatroom says that the Logitech C120 is available for $120. Scooter X says that AUKEY has a 1080p webcam option as well. 

For drop shipping, most people are selling things on Amazon, with Amazon fulfilling the order. 

Watch Megan from Summit, New Jersey Comments

Megan got a Lenovo Thinkpad, but she's not thrilled with the video quality when she uses Microsoft Office. Leo suspects that when she bought the laptop, she chose the lower end LCD screen and as such, it's not as bright as she would like. Leo says to get one with a screen that is 300-500 "Nits" or brighter.

She is also having trouble logging into Office 365, though when she goes into Word, she's logged in. Leo says that Megan is using the Demo version (known as a "stub"). Uninstall that and download the Office 365 installer and reinstall it. That will solve the problem.

Watch Dave from Burbank, CA Comments

Dave is trying to update his MacMini with security updates for Mojave, but so far, they've been a disaster. Thunderbolt ports aren't reading his multiple monitors, causing him to reset his PRam. Now there's a new Mojave update and he's having mouse issues. Leo says that kernel panics are a sign of hardware issues. It could be a flakey power supply, a type-C port problem or badly soldered chip. It could be a driver issue, but it's usually indicative of hardware and that points to needing to call Apple.

One thing to try before you do is wiping the drive and reinstalling, just in case there's a corrupted file.  That could fix everything. There may be some damaged files that need to be replaced. You can also try shutting down the computer and pressing the "D" key as it does. That'll put the computer in a diagnostic mode, which could point to the problem.

Dave also just spent $8K on a MacPro and is worried that the new Apple Silicon Macs will mean that his computer is already obsolete. Leo says not so. Everything that works now will continue to work and Apple will support them for "years to come." But a new Mac Pro won't be out for at least two years. It'll be even longer before that new MacPro is obsolete.

Even more so, being a new design, Leo would recommend waiting anyway, and let others shake out the bugs. Then your next MacPro can be the Silicon upgrade.

Watch Steve from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Steve's data center got attacked by ransomware. Fortunately, they had two locations and was able to shut one down, clean it, and then reinstall with only 3 hours of downtime. Leo says that's fantastic. But a hot backup can let the ransomware spread to your backup. So the key is to keep the second network only connected every three hours. That will give time to take down the infected network before the next sync connection time.