Why does Windows think my screen is larger than it is?

Episode 1712 (1:49:54)

Glen from Selmer, Tennessee
Edge Browser

Glen is fed up with Windows 10 updates breaking his system or forcing him to use the Edge browser when he'd rather use Chrome. Leo says that Microsoft is doing too much with bi-annual system updates. Lately, his windows are going outside the borders of his screen after he clicked a link in an email. Leo says that there is a default setting for Edge in system preferences that you can disable. So it won't force you to use Edge.

As for the screen size, WIndows thinks Glen's screen is bigger than it is. That's a problem with Windows. Verify that Windows Device manager has the right screen listed. 

Windows 10 is also getting slower. Leo says the answer is to stop using Windows. Absent that, Leo also recommends getting rid of third-party antivirus like MacAfee. That's likely slowing down the system. Windows comes with its own called Defender that works great. 

Sophia in the chatroom says that the Zoom feature in Windows may have gotten turned on by accident. Go into the Accessibility control panel and make sure that zoom is turned off.