Tik Tok May Get Banned in the US

Episode 1712 (04:31)

Tik Tok

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that the US Government may be banning Tik Tok within weeks due to national security issues. The app is already banned in India, and Wells Fargo has banned it as well. The US government has banned it government-wide as well. 

Tik Tok is subject to the authority of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party. The app has deleted posts that are critical of that government. But it also has a feature that looks in your clipboard, which could be a security issue due to data snarfing.

But Leo says the issue may be a matter of guilt by association, and he wonders what China can learn about Leo? In the end, the worst thing may be that Tik Tok is a huge time suck.

In the end, Leo says that Tik Tok's real sin may be that it's too popular.