How Can I Save Business Card Data On My Old Mac?

Episode 1711 (1:46:10)

John from Newport Beach, CA

John has a Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan business cards into his Mac. But a recent update doesn't support macOS anymore. Nor will it support the images that get scanned. Leo says it's probably because of 32-bit software that macOS doesn't support anymore. As such, many companies are dropping functions, rather than try and retrofit the software to work. According to the Chatroom, Fujitsu is making new software, they're just killing the old version. Check out this link.

 Leo says the good news is, that one doesn't really need a dedicated scanner to do that anymore. There are apps that will scan business cards from a mobile phone. And one can export the data into a variety of apps like Outlook, Address Book, Excel, or SalesForce. Even Google Contacts. So get that old data exported, using CSV (comma-separated value), and then import it.  But what about the image of the business card? Leo says to dig around the Mac and look for the images. r/c or CMD+Click the datafile and select "open package." That may have them.