How Can I Mass Scan a Bunch of Text With an iPhone?

Episode 1711 (1:03:40)

Todd from Cincinnati

Todd has over 50,000 45RPM record collection from running a jukebox vending machine company back in the day. How can he organize them? Can he use optional character recognition (OCR) and his mobile phone to create a database? He could then take them online and sell them. Leo says as long as the label is easy to read, he can definitely do it. There are dozens, if not more, OCR scanning apps that can create it. He'll want an easel to hold the record still. 

Google also has Google Keep, which uses OCR as well. But it may be a challenge to export it. Google TakeOut may be able to do it, and then output it as a CSV file that one could import into a spreadsheet or database file. Structured OCR (SOCR) would work even better. Amazon's Textract is an online service that could benefit from SOCR.