How Can I Get Back Into an LG Phone With a Forgotten Pin Code?

Episode 1711 (2:01:10)

Melissa from Minnesota

Melissa has an LG Stylo 5 mobile phone and the phone has been locked down after she inputs a pin code into it. Now she has forgotten the pin and only has 30 tries to get back in. Leo says that worst case, the phone will erase back to factory defaults. So she won't lose the phone itself. But there's data she doesn't want to lose. Can LG get the data off? 

Leo says that if the phone has WiFi backup, then it's been saved to the cloud or to your PC. So look on Google Drive and see if it's there. LG also says that there should be an option to reset the Pincode again if you forget it. She may also be able to get back in with a Google password. Melissa may also have an LG account and it could be backed up there.

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