The Giz Wiz and the Goose Neck

Episode 1711 (2:20:22)


This compact goose-neck clip lamp offers 3 Color Modes (3000K, 4500K & 6500K) plus 10 levels of brightness, so you can create 30 illumination modes. Be aware that the light itself is on the small side, about 1.5" across, but it puts out a nice amount of light. The company says the box contains a UL Certified Adapter, which is much safer than the other adapters. Besides the AC adapter, this clip light has a 4.8 feet USB cord which you can easy to plug into any available USB port. (You can use a external battery pack too. I tried it for a just about ten minutes and it worked fine.) The 360° flexible gooseneck (about 15" long) allows you to adjust your clip light to direct the light wherever you want. And it stays in place, unlike many lamps I've used where the head keeps creeping downward. The Clamp-on Lamp provides high CRI (90+) LED beads, brings you a clear and bright lighting effect while also restoring the color of an object. MSRP $16.99. It was a bit cheaper than that on Amazon. I already bought two of them.

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