Why does my Roku device turn on my TV automatically?

Episode 1710 (1:51:20)

Gloria from North Hollywood, CA
Consumer Electronics Control Example

Gloria has a Roku stick plugged into her TV. But after she turns off the TV, the TV comes on automatically. What gives? Leo says that there's a feature called CEC, or consumer electronics control, which automatically if you nudge the remote and turns on the TV and sets the TV to the last thing you watched. You can turn off the feature in your Roku settings or your TV settings if you don't like it.

Gloria also hears that Microsoft won't be supporting Windows 10 with Microsoft 365 soon. Really? Leo says no, it may not support older Windows 10 updates. But the OS, on the whole, will be supported because Microsoft says it's the last OS they'll ever develop. But Gloria will need to keep Windows 10 updated to use Microsoft 365 because Microsoft is going to a subscription model on Office. 

But why do that when you can install Libre Office for free? For most people, it's all they need.