Should I Wait to Buy a New MacBook Pro?

Episode 1710 (1:33:34)

Ann from Fullerton, California
16 Inch Macbook Pro

Ann's Macbook Pro is stuck on OSX Yosemite. Apple says they can't update her to Catalina. Leo says Yosemite isn't all that old. 

So now she wants to get a new Mac. Leo says the longer you can wait, the better. She's worried that if she buys an Intel-based mac now, it'll be worthless tomorrow. Leo says that isn't true. Apple is committed to Intel for the next two years at least, while it develops its new ARM-based Apple Silicon chips. It'll be a steady transition to their own chips. 

So you can buy an Intel Mac now and it'll be viable for at least two years and Apple will likely support them for "years to come." There's no need to worry. In fact, Leo advises patience on the first model. He thinks it's a good idea to wait until the second-generation Apple Silicon.  So if Ann wants a new Macbook, there's no shame in sticking with Intel Macs for the near future.