What Wireless Printer Should I Buy?

Episode 1709 (1:32:50)

Max from Newport Beach, CA

Max is looking for a small and simple wireless printer that's easier to use. Leo says that most printers are wireless these days, connecting to the network. An inkjet is probably the best if one needs color, but understand that they'll need to use it regularly in order to keep the ink flowing without getting the heads clogged. If one seldom uses it, a color laser printer is the best bet, but the colors aren't bright and not for printing photos. 

Brother makes a very inexpensive laser printer. But the toner cartridges aren't cheap. But they last a long time. Samsung makes a good laser printer as well, as does HP. But Leo isn't a fan of HP printers anymore. Where to get? Any office supply store will do. They all have them.

Max's iPhone X is also getting a ton of dropped calls when connected to their car. Leo says that there's likely an incompatibility the say Bluetooth is configured in an older model car, vs. what the iPhone is using. Check out this discussion on problems with Toyota and Bluetooth - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250712849

But if it's dropping calls, that's a carrier issue.