The Giz Wiz and Something Completely Different

Episode 1709 (2:14:40)


Check out LED Flashlight Gloves. They sell for roughly $15.00 or $7.50 each. The idea is to wear them sort of as portable flashlights. There's an on and off button and 2 LED lamps, one on the forefinger and one on the thumb of each glove. Since they're worn on your hands there's no need to hold a traditional flashlight so doing chores in the dark should be easy. They come with no instructions, but fortunately there's the photo on Amazon which makes it easy to see how to wear them. The description says the gloves are made of comfortable, soft, breathable cotton material - that hand washing will not affect normal use, but it can not be soaked in water for a long time. Although it also says 'LED gloves last about 30 hours' they're talking about the batteries which you can replace.

Giz Wiz Video

Giz Wiz in the dark with LED gloves:

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And now for something completely different!

Actually it was easy to do about 10 years ago if you bought a "TV Hat". It was like a baseball, expect to had an 8 to 10" brim, and side curtains that came down to block out the light. Your phone mounted on a side so you move it back and forth for the best focus. Dick isn't positive but thinks it also had built in earbuds so you could have better audio than your phone speaker had.