WWDC: The ARM Mac, and iOS Devices Finally Get Widgets

Episode 1707 (50:00)


Apple announced this week at their prerecorded WWDC announcement keynote that iOS devices will get what Android has had from the beginning .... widgets. The iPad will also enjoy greater handwriting recognition through SCRIBBLE.

But Leo says the biggest news is that Apple has finally made the move away from Intel to their own in house designed ARM processors called "Apple Silicon." The benefit will be that the new desktops will be able to use iOS apps, as well as existing apps through Rosetta 2. Leo says that Apple is moving towards one OS to rule them all.

The first model coming out will be a developer version of the Mac Mini but look for ARM iMacs, MacPros, and MacBooks by next year. But all is not lost for intel fans. Apple has several Intel designs still being developed and Apple is committed to supporting the Intel Mac for "years to come." 

Leo reminds us that users can expect great performance, but don't expect lower prices. Not going to happen.

Should users buy a new Mac? Only if you have to have one. If you're not in a hurry, don't until these new Macs come out.