What Drone Should I Buy For My Son?

Episode 1707 (1:29:30)

Robert from Virginia

Robert wants to get a drone for his son. He bought a cheaper $150 model, but it's harder to fly. What's the best one to get? Leo says to pick up the DJI Mavic Mini. The cheaper model is good for flying and crashing, but without sophisticated GPS control, it'll fly away sooner or later. The Mavic Mini not only has GPS control but also collision avoidance. And it gets better with every update. 

Robert keeps hearing that drones are going to get banned.  Leo says that drones won't get banned, but he may need to get trained in order to use one, especially commercially. There is a trade war going on, so it may be harder to find, and there are legal issues as the government has stopped using them due to security concerns. but it's not likely to be banned. But a legal patent battle may bar the drones from being imported into the US, but it's not likely. And even if they did, the current drones being sold would still work.