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Episode 1683

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Security issues plaguing Zoom users, is this the right time to get a bidet? Recording a video chat, the possible end of movie theaters with Scott Wilkinson, is there one box for all your streaming services? Alternatives to 2-Factor authentication, video services for virtual choir practices, getting your money back from canceled vacations with Johnny Jet, troubleshooting out of sync audio on a television, microphones for video conferencing, the right MacBook for college, do you need to save a Windows 7 activation number after upgrading to Windows 10?

Episode 1682

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Troubleshooting routers, removing business pages from Facebook, streaming online content, setting up an external webcam and mic on Linux, getting the Windows 10 upgrade, using dictation on your iPad, and more of your calls!

Episode 1681

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How to use IoT webcams to find a lost cat, up your music game with iFi hip-dac, how to get a refund on travel plans due to COVID-19, how to extend WiFi coverage outdoors, OpenStreetMap for GPS hiking, how to rehearse with your band online, how to share your phone's screen on your TV, using an external GPU on a Mac Mini, and more of your questions.

Episode 1680

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Cheaper cellphone options in Canada, starting a podcast, updating Chromebooks after a period of time, feedback on a call recorder, ATSC3, troubleshooting a printer, and more of your calls!

Episode 1679

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How to access your work computer from home, editing your iPhone pictures, video conferencing software, a good outdoor projector, why you might not be getting sound with your Amazon FireTV Stick, laptops you can get for your partner, and more of your calls!

Episode 1678

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Starting a group text, how to get the word out for a podcast, new iPads coming soon?, tagging hundreds of photos, replacing the Samsung Gear watch battery, One Drive Personal Vault security, and more of your calls!

Episode 1677

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What laptop you should get, the best ways to stream, pop up problems, uploading images to Flickr, what to do with a 32gb laptop, is there enough broadband for everyone, how to stream your church services and more of your calls!

Episode 1676

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Alternatives to Skype for podcasting, unclogging the printer head, is it possible to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows XP, the Raspberry Pi for kids, magnets affecting the GPS on a phone or tablet, and more of your calls!

Episode 1675

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How to set up your security cameras with Amazon Alexa, wireless headphone safety, hearing aids for live music, Norton AntiVirus, the reason your streaming is so slow on your TV, how to get more than 15gb from Google storage, AppleTV trying to connect to your Mac, how to convert an mp3, and more of your calls!

Episode 1674

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Getting iCloud to work with iDrive, the One Plus 7, WiFi Security, the NTSB Tesla Report, writing applications for augmented reality, macOS Catalina, and more of your calls!