The Giz Wiz and the BriteBrush

Episode 1707 (2:05:20)


Parents, having trouble getting the kids to brush their teeth? The BriteBrush GameBrush could help that big time! There are Music Modes to keep your child brushing, plus 6 other games. The better the brush, the more games you can unlock. There are a total of Seven Fun Games - Space Attack, Soccer, Pinball, Dance Star, Punch Master, Race Car Rally, Rockstar Jam, and Arcade Legends! But wait, there's more! Kids may think it's sneaky, but it wasn't designed for them. It's the “Parent Check Light.” After the kids finishing brushing, the BriteBrush lets you know how they’ve done. There's an Extra Brush Head included in the box. And the brush has soft bristles to help protect teeth and gums. Recommended Age 5+. BriteBrush also has a Baby Shark brush too. MSRP $19.99.

Video from a company demo: 

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