Should I install the Windows 10 2004 update?

Episode 1706 (1:39:34)

Dwight from Bismarck, ND
Windows 10 2004 Update

Dwight wants to know if he should install the latest 2004 Windows 10 update or wait. Leo says that 2004 is like 1909 and 1903 before it: a FEATURE update. There's nothing in there you absolutely have to have. And since many people are complaining that many things get "broken" with 2004, it's perfectly OK to wait. But Leo also thinks it's largely safe to update if there are a few features you have to have.

On the other hand, you have to balance risk vs. reward, and there just isn't enough in 2004 to justify the risk and rush the install. Wait a few weeks for Microsoft to put out any fixes. And vs. 20H2 (formerly 2009) is coming in September.

What if they push the update on Dwight? Leo says if Microsoft pushes the update, it's because his setup is ready for it. But you can push it off for a few weeks, even then.