Sam Abuelsamid ... GiddyUp

Episode 1706 (21:18)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo to talk about the Mustang MachE, an electric SUV Crossover with the DNA of a Ford Mustang. It's the first EV from Ford designed from the ground up. Sam also says it signals where the industry of a  whole is going, with software-defined features and functions that can be unlocked and upgraded once in the field and sold to customers. GM is also planning for over the air software updates with the same concept. 

Ford is also planning an Active Drive Assist, a hands-free autopilot, like GMs Super Cruise. But it'll also use infrared cameras that monitors the driver and nags them should the driver stop paying attention to the road.  The hardware will already be built-in, but to activate it, owners will have to purchase the software update. 

Leo likes the idea of a software updatable car to keep the capabilities up to date and future proof it to a certain extent.