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Watch John from St. Petersberg, FL Comments

John is working from home and needs to get a  new computer. Would a Chromebox work? He already has a Chromebook, but it's too small for daily use. Leo says that you can get Chromebooks in just about any price and performance level. It just depends on how much John wants to spend and what he needs. John's budget is $500. Leo says that the ASUS Chromebox 3 is a good option starting at $300. It's an i3 processor and 4K graphics. But you can upgrade to an i7. But that's almost $1000. If you want a Chromebox, that's the brand Leo would go with. What about Linux? Can he buy a Linux machine? Leo says if you like Chrome, you'll love Linux. Lenovo sells them. System76 does as well. But Leo recommends not making it your main computer initially. Make it your "fun" computer, to play with.

Watch JP from Orange County, CA Comments

JP is looking for a good photographer's 360 turntable. Essentially, it's a lazy susan for photographers. Leo says that there's software now that largely lets you do this with just your iPhone. The app is called Bellus 3D and it does a very credible 3D render of your object. 

What's a good mirrorless camera for JP to move away from his Canon DSLR? Leo says he loves the Sony A7, but since JP has all that Canon glass (lenses) that he's invested in, the Canon R series is probably the best way to go. 

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Watch Ed from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Ed is worried because he got a warning that his data has been found on the dark web. What can he do about that? Leo says you can't really do anything. Data breaches happen all the time. You can change all your passwords, and Leo recommends doing that with your bank, and if your credit card number has been compromised, you can change that. But in most cases, the dark web compromise is mostly your email address, and that's it. 

Check out to see if your email information has been grabbed. 

Watch Craig from Venice Beach, CA Comments

Craig is considering changing careers and is looking for a new skill and is thinking about coding with a CIS course. What should he be looking to do? Leo says right now is a great time to learn because everything is online. Leo recommends starting with, which was started by Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. You can take CS50, which is a great entry-level course in computer science. has very affordable memberships as well and offers certificates for getting a job. Coursera is another option.

Watch Tom from Dayton, OH Comments

Tom has a Lenovo Yoga 910, but he's getting a boot-up failure message. After trying a few times, it will boot up. Leo suspects that the hard drive is starting to fail. It's a typical problem with spinning drives. It could be that the head is sticking, a power supply problem, or that when the hard drive heats up, it starts to work as usual. Leo advises backing up your data, just in case. Easy fi: replace the hard drive. Head over to to see if they have instructions on how to upgrade your hard drive and go with an SSD if you can. It'll be faster and more reliable. If the problem remains, then there's other circuitry that's starting to fail.

Watch Ed from Hughesville, PA Comments

Ed wants to upgrade his desktop to make it run faster. He also wants to tune it up. Leo says it's a good idea. Give it a good cleaning/dusting, reseat the thermal paste, put an SSD drive in it and maybe add more RAM. Just a little tune-up and it'll work fine for years to come.

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Watch John from Moorpark, CA Comments

John wants to know if he needs iDrive anymore when he also has Microsoft One Drive. Leo says that the problem with One Drive is that it only syncs whatever you put in the dedicated folder. iDrive, by contrast, backs up everything and has versioning, or multiple versions of the same file. DropBox is starting to do that as well. iDrive also has a snapshot feature, which will take a snapshot of your drive that you can restore to should your drive get compromised. There's another option called SyncThing, which will restore and sync any folder between different computers. It's open-source, free, and doesn't put your data in the cloud. But whether it's secure, only time will tell.

Watch Dwight from Bismarck, ND Comments

Dwight wants to know if he should install the latest 2004 Windows 10 update or wait. Leo says that 2004 is like 1909 and 1903 before it: a FEATURE update. There's nothing in there you absolutely have to have. And since many people are complaining that many things get "broken" with 2004, it's perfectly OK to wait. But Leo also thinks it's largely safe to update if there are a few features you have to have.

On the other hand, you have to balance risk vs. reward, and there just isn't enough in 2004 to justify the risk and rush the install. Wait a few weeks for Microsoft to put out any fixes. And vs. 20H2 (formerly 2009) is coming in September.

What if they push the update on Dwight? Leo says if Microsoft pushes the update, it's because his setup is ready for it. But you can push it off for a few weeks, even then.

Watch Ed from Valencia, CA Comments

Had has a Lenovo tablet, and his iHeartRadio app shows audio in "slow motion." What gives? Leo says to update the app. It's probably an older app that's having issues with the streaming bitrate. Also, try changing the quality setting in the app's settings menu. That could fix it.

Watch Tom from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tom is having issues with Windows denying access to his hard drives after creating a new user account. It says "access denied." Leo says that could be a permissions system since it's a multi-user system. Go into security settings and take ownership of the contents of the drive. Sometimes the issue is a hardware issue where the drive is protected by a password in BIOS, but Leo doesn't think that's the case since Tom created a new user account. So taking control of the data through Windows security settings is the answer. Or, since Tom doesn't care about what's on the hard drive, delete the partitions through disk manager, and create a new partition that's the size of the drive, and format it.

Watch Judy from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Judy wants to be able to access her data from one computer to another. Leo says that's called synchronization and it's very doable, but it requires internet access. There are third party companies like DropBox and OneDrive that will do this, as will GoogleDrive. But there are other ways. Leo is currently using SyncThing, which is open source and free. Leo says that OneDrive may be the best option because you can tell it what to sync and where. But you need to know where that data is in order to do it. Judy may have issues with Quickbooks because of how they save the data, but it's doable with some research. Quickbooks has its own cloud sync as well. So that may be the best option.

What's a good, light laptop with a good keyboard? Leo likes the Dell XPS13. The Lenovo Thinkpad is also good. She also needs a scanner/printer that's mobile. Leo says that Epson (a sponsor of the TWiT network) makes a good portable scanner for $100. Plugs in via USB.