What's a Good iPod Replacement?

Episode 1705 (1:45:55)

Thomas from Pico Rivera, California

Thomas has an old iPod and the battery is starting to die out. Can he get the battery replaced? Leo says that if Apple is no longer replacing the battery, check out iFixit or a local place that could do it. But the reality is, a replacement may not be all that helpful because people are now using their mobile phones for playing music, and any modern phone or an older phone people no longer use will act as an iPod as well. Leo recommends copying all music onto a PC first. iTunes would work, but it usually doesn't get everything. Plus it doesn't really give the title and song information in the process. But there's a great app called Senuti (Mac) that will do a great job. There's YamiPod for Windows.

Apple makes the iPod still. Called the iPod Touch. But it's expensive and looks just like the iPhone.  Leo likes the Fio Player.