Johnny Jet ... All around the house

Episode 1705 (1:12:40)

Johnny Jet

Tech News - Cruise lines suspended cruising until at least September 15th, maybe even through the end of the year. At least through US Ports. Southwest announced they will keep the middle seat open until Sept. 30th. Delta and Jet Blue will also be doing this policy. Americans, not so much. But American joins United, Alaska, and Hawaiian Airlines to require a mask to be worn or be banned from flying until the end of the pandemic. 

Website - They will pick up your bags and ship them to your hotel via FedEx or UPS for the same price as the airlines. Plus the cost of picking them up at your house. Johnny Jet warns, though, to make sure to call the hotel to be sure they aren't going to charge a "receiving fee."

The Unclaimed Baggage Center is putting items online. Johnny Jet says that it's not only a good place to find a potential deal, but to find your lost luggage.