Johnny Jet is still not flying

Episode 1703 (1:17:04)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that he's asked Doctors if they would fly right now and everyone said no, they'd rather treat COVID patients directly than be locked ina pressurized plane with a few hundred people that could be infected. But the TSA has reported a huge jump in travelers, up to over a half-million this week. Johnny says if you have to fly, Tuesday-Wednesday is the slowest. And book at the last minute.

The real problem is that many airlines are leaving it up to the flight crews to enforce the wearing of masks. So many passengers just aren't wearing them. And that's why he isn't flying right now.

Other travel news - American and United have unveiled a chat feature in their apps, to contact the airline directly in the event of a cancellation or delay. Delta has been doing it for several months now. So update your apps.  United is also offering travelers the option of not flying on a plane that is 75% or more full. They will rebook you on another flight free of charge. 

Hotels are also starting to offer to be able to open hotel room doors with your app, along with check-in and checkout. Restaurants at MGM in Las Vegas are also texting people when their table is ready, so people aren't queuing or hanging around waiting.