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Episode 1703 June 13, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Gustavo from California Comments

Gustavo has a 20-year-old Powerbook Mac that he hasn't turned on in years. He plugged in an external hard drive, and somehow the Powerbook now views the hard drive as empty. Can he recover it? Leo suspects that the age of the drive caused the drive to fail. Or the cable may have failed. Or even the external box itself. Leo recommends taking it out and connecting it to a more modern computer. Leo recommends getting the Newertech Universal Drive Adapter, which you can then connect the drive and get the data off. With any luck, the data is intact. 

Watch Dave from Escondido, CA Comments

Dave is looking for a GPS watch for his 11-year-old daughter, so he can keep track of her when she's out and about. One with a phone included is even better. Leo says that there are many designed for kids, like the Verizon Gizmo. There's also one called Find My Kids. They have many different models you can check out here.

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Watch Tracy from Long Beach, California Comments

Tracy's iMac takes about an hour to boot up. What's wrong? Could it be ransomware? Leo says no, it's more than likely a worn-out hard drive. Back up data and get a new hard drive. But Leo says it's not trivial to replace a hard drive in iMac. She will need a ton of special tools, including a giant suction cup. She can get the tools from and watch videos on how, but Leo says it's just a better idea to have Apple do it and get an SSD to replace it. Right now, she can arrange to drop off and pick up. Just call Apple to arrange.

Tracy also has been getting robocalls from "Apple LC" saying her computer is reporting a problem. Leo says that is an obvious scam, and not a good one. Apple will never call!

Watch John from Richfield, CT Comments

John has been trying to record a ring tone for his phone. How can he do that? Leo says that there's an app called GarageBand for the iPhone. He can record directly to the iPhone and save it to a ringtone.  He can also use the Music App in macOS Catalina to do it and then sync it to the phone. Here's how.


Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey just bought a new Apple TV. He is having issues with the video not having full quality on the entire screen. Just the center part is "shadowy." Leo says that's an odd situation. Joey may want to check the cable. But it could be coincidental that the TV may be ready to go out. But more likely, it's the DVI cable that Joey is connecting it to. From the chatroom - HDCP may be the issue if the cable isn't compatible.

Leo also says that there's a strong rumor that a new Apple TV is being released on June 22. So he may want to return it and wait for a new one. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Evelyn from Van Nuys. CA Comments

Evelyn has a Lenovo computer and her keyboard is acting up when she types. Letters repeat when she types. How can she fix that? Leo says that keyboards are pretty cheap now, under $10. So it sounds like her keyboard is ready to be replaced. It's probably the easiest fix for a computer out there. Here is a Logitech Keyboard with a mouse.

Chumly in the chatroom says that this is a common problem with Logitech keyboards, where the membranes dry out and bust. So definitely time for a new one.

Watch Mint from Ashton, Idaho Comments

Tim is starting to travel again with his trailer, and he wants to have a computer system. Would a virtual reality setup be good for traveling? Leo says not really. VR is really for gaming and maybe watching videos. Since his eyes are inches from a screen, he'll have a lot of trouble reading text. That's why Leo recommends a tablet. They can be a good option for a second screen. There are also portable LCD monitors that look like a tablet and can connect via USB. The Acer PM16IQ portable monitor. 

Watch Jim from Conroe, TX Comments

Jim wants to know if he can use his old Atari gaming console with his new TV. Leo says there are ways to do it, but he will need a "composite" adapter to do it. Most modern TVs don't have composite inputs anymore. Those are the red, white, and yellow connectors. You may also need an antenna adapter. Jim will need to get a composite to a digital connector which may actually cost more than that old Atari game is worth. But he can get one from Monoprice for under $20. Don't expect great video though. 

From the chatroom - here's an article showing how to do it from AtariAge.

Watch Ed from Fort Wayne, IN Comments

Ed wants to know if he can connect his iPad or iPhone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Leo says he can get a lightning to HDMI adapter, and a lightning to digital AV adapter. He can then connect them that way, but the screen aspect ratio won't really fit the screen. But its an interesting idea. Samsung actually played with the idea with their Samsung DEX.