Why won't my newly built PC work?

Episode 1702 (46:13)

Dan from Norton, MS
PC Tower

Dan built a computer using an AMD Ryzen processor. He's been watching YouTube videos a lot on doing it and is ready to give it a go. Leo says there's a lot of great information on YouTube, but sometimes they can get it wrong, so keep that in mind. It worked for five days and then just stopped working. Leo says that building a computer is a great project, but if something like that goes wrong, you are your own support. There's no one really to call, as everyone will blame the other guy for the problem. So you end up having to go one by one to determine what goes wrong. It's a process of elimination. He's at the point that he thinks it may be the processor. Leo says it could be the CPU, but it could easily be an incorrectly installed cable. You can also short circuit a motherboard by having a screw in the wrong place. Even the power supply could be faulty. Pay attention to the power-on self-test (POST). If it runs, then the CPU is working.  But there are so many things it can be, that it's a cautionary tale for those thinking of building their own.