Sam Abuelsamid ... Electric Delivery Vans

Episode 1702 (21:25)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo this week to talk about Rivian's Electric Delivery Vans. Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 of them to round out their in house fleet of delivery vans. Amazon is going all-in with converting their delivery vehicles to electric, and Sam says it's going to explode over the next few years because it makes a great deal of sense. When you're putting 100,000 miles a year on a delivery van, the operating costs are flat out more affordable going with electric. And Sam says that companies like GM and Ford are building electric vans starting next year. Sam says that Amazon may be buying Zoox, which is a company that uses automated electric vehicles to transport passengers. He says that the company plans to create an "Amazon locker on wheels," which will roll up, you scan your bar code, and take your package. And do it electrically, and autonomously. It should be very interesting.

Sam also says that companies developing autonomous vehicles are having trouble raising venture capital because of how long of a development cycle is being required to make a self-driving car safe and reliable.