How can I add details into my scanned photo to the file data?

Episode 1702 (13:30)

Bruce from Sonoma, CA
EXIF Field Information

Bruce has a lifetime of slides that he's scanning to his Mac. He uses the info file comments for key details, but he can't share those with his son. Leo says that's because those comments are only for his Mac. What Bruce needs to do is use the EXIF field in the photo file itself.  It provides details like date, time, camera settings, GPS, etc. So what Bruce needs to do is use Apple Photos to do it, but you can also use the Preview. Click on CMD + I for that photo to open the Inspector. Then look for the annotations icon (a pen), and you can put the data there. But Leo says to get a program that is designed to make it easy. Picasa used to be the ideal option, but Google has killed that. But there are plenty of EXIF editors out there. Photos EXIF Editor is a good one with good ratings. You can even do the images in batches.