Can a QLED TV Give Me a Headache?

Episode 1701 (56:44)

Larry from Petaluma, CA

Larry is trying to pair his new Samsung 55" QLED with his Denon AV. He finally got that working, but he's having an issue with headaches. Leo says that flickering may cause the issue and he recommends adjusting the frame interpolation (called Action Motion Plus in Samsungs) and see if by adjusting the refresh rate up or down will solve that issue. Most likely, going as high as he can will fix it. But he'll get that "soap opera" look. 

Caroline called in Hour 3 to say that she had a similar problem of headaches watching video on computers. She had a slight blue tint applied to her glasses lenses and that did the problem.

Tony called the next show to point out that he thinks Charlie may be suffering from a form of light blindness, where the LEDs are too bright on the new TV. LEDs can dim over time, and he was so used to his older TV, that the newer one's brighter LEDs are giving him a headache. And TVs are set to be very bright on the showroom floor. So adjusting the brightness could help.