Are ASUS Mesh Routers Private?

Episode 1701 (1:45:11)

Carlo from Ontario, CA

Carl bought a new Asus Mesh Router and he's worried about privacy since they also use Trend Micro drivers. Should he be concerned? Leo says there's always a risk, but Asus is a reputable company and if they made a deal with Trend Micro, they would mention it in their privacy statement. But he doubts that there's much if anything to worry about. There's too great a risk to lie about such things. 

Best settings? Leo says the first thing is to customize a password. Turn off WAN Administration. Turn off Universal Plug n Play (UPnP). Turn ON WPA2 Encryption. Especially WPA PSK. That will make sure all WiFi connections require a password. If it has WPA3, so much the better. Also, make sure to have the latest firmware.