What's a good, affordable tablet?

Episode 1700 (37:51)

Cameron from Sioux Falls, SD
Amazon Fire Tablet

Cameron wants a recommendation on a new tablet, and he's an Android guy. Leo says that there aren't really many decent Android tablets out there. Samsung makes a decent one. But their no cheaper than iPads, and frankly, the iPad is really the best tablet by a WIDE margin.  Android tablets can also be very insecure and must constantly be up to date with monthly security updates. If you have an LTE tablet, odds are the tablet isn't updated as often by the carrier. Apple, however, keeps their devices updated continuously regardless of what carrier you have subscribed to. 

One exception is the Amazon Kindle Fire. It's Android, but Amazon has modified it and has its app store. It's a decent tablet for the money. So if you're on a budget, that's a solid option.