What broadband company should I go with for home internet?

Episode 1700 (2:14:12)

Benny from Pasadena, CA

Benny's constant zoom meetings have killed his hotspot's bandwidth caps. Now he has to get internet access at home. Leo says that hot-spotting isn't meant to be your main home internet. It's only for being on the road where you have no access available. You could continue to do it and pay for more bandwidth. Your ISP may charge you less right now. But generally, cellular data costs more than standard internet access. Check out your cable provider. They may work you a bundled deal, but sometimes those aren't the best deals in the long run.  Your cable company will offer the fastest, best access. Next would be DSL from your phone company, but it's not as fast and could be slower if you're further away from the "switch."

Also check for fiber, which will be even faster than cable.

Check out BroadbandReports.com to see who is in your area.