How do I add a standard user account in Windows?

Episode 1700 (47:04)

Tom from Torrance, CA
Microsoft Surface 3

Tom just bought a Microsoft Surface 3 and he'd like to set it up with a standard user account. How does he do that? Leo says that the first thing Tom wants to do is enabled User Access Control (UAC). This will give you a popup to make sure anything being installed is something you want to install. But to add a new user, go into the control panel and add a new user, making sure to give them standard user rights. Then use that account, rather than the Admin account. Settings. Account. Other Users. Add User. Or you can hit Windows +R and then type control + space "user passwords 2." That will bring up the classic screen to add a limited user. 

But understand that there is malware out there that will upgrade user access to admin. So be still keep Windows updated.